Here is an update from some of the missionaries we support…
April 3, 2013 / Nº160 / Kent & Becky Good

GOD IS ANSWERING PRAYER. While that shouldn’t surprise anyone reading this email, this answer is truly amazing. Some long-time friends of this ministry (who prefer to remain anonymous) have put up $10,000 as a matching gift. They have promised to match any and all gifts given toward the renovation of the Battambang Ministry and Student Center up to a total of $10,000 between now and June 1st.

Now, while gifts can be given to any of the various renovation phases (see details), two of the phases are definitely more urgent than the others. With the rainy season approaching (it should start within the next two months), the outside phases could become a real challenge: (1) BMTSC Face Lift  ($2,268.88) and (2) Multi-purpose Sports Field / Parking Lot / Outdoor Cooking Area (including three separate projects totalling $18,509.28).

So, during the coming 2 months, any gifts not specifically earmarked for one of the other renovation projects will be allocated toward the  BMTSC Face Lift or Multi-purpose Sports Field projects described above. Please join us in praising the Lord for His gracious provision through a friend’s generosity. Pray with us that God will use these matching gifts to get the exterior renovations started and hopefully completed before the rains come.   Kent & Becky, Kevin & Jill
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