Here in Cambodia, the new year begins in mid-April. This year is the year 2557 BE(Buddhist Era) for Cambodians, the Year of the Snake. It’s the hottest time of the year, so water games & talcum powder are a welcome relief for many. At the BMTC, we had lots of fun on Friday, April 5th, hosting a Khmer New Year party for all of the English students, right before the 2-week holiday vacation. Lots of neighbors joined in, too. Great fun!
At the same time, CMP Symean and his wife Nisy decided to profit from the school vacation to organize a Vacation Bible School for the village of Sambouk Awk, where Symean teaches a small weekly Bible class. He arranged for 5 of his youth to get training with Child Evangelism Fellowship in order to help them with an all-day VBS for 3 days. They rented a tent & a sound system, borrowed a video projector and enlisted villagers to help prepare rice porridge as a mid-day meal. The daily program not only included a Bible lesson, but also a hygiene lesson and a missionary story as well as songs, games and skits. They had 30 kids the first day but ended up with over 50. We thank God for the hard work and sacrifice of Symean & his family and ask that you join us in praying for lasting fruit. Kent & Becky

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