“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

 (1 Corinthians 10:31, ESV)


So I was thinking that another year has come and we begin to think of things that we must change or at least we desire to change. Here is the challenge – take the above verse and its truth to heart.

Memorize it and meditate on it.  Take time to study the verse in its context-might be surprised what you find! Ask yourself what exactly is God saying here and how does it apply to me.  Better,  ask yourself what keeps you from being obedient to what God through the Apostle Paul is instructing, better commanding the Christ Follower to do.

Spend some time meditating on why the Lord would command us to do this. Most obviously the clearest answer is that He is worthy of being glorified.  Think about the positives of obedience to this verse would bring to your life.  Then spend time thinking of the negatives of disobedience would bring.

Of course we understand that obedience is God’s will for us concerning His word and it is for our spiritual betterment.  Obedience helps us to become the salt and light He desires us to be, it makes us His Ambassadors.

The point I am trying to make (perhaps not as well as I would like) is that our motivation for change has to be for Him not for ourselves.  When our motivation is self and not for the Lord, we fail consistently, to make the Lord and His glory may be hard but will be effective.

To seek to glorify the Lord in all things said and done in our lives demand that we depend upon the Holy Spirit and His power, that in and of itself will indeed change our lives.

Walking, being led and controlled by the Holy Spirit is such a wonderful truth – but I am afraid a truth that is not practiced in our lives.

This is the challenge of change for the New Year to glorify the Lord in all things said and done through the very power of the One who commands us to do so!   May God bless our efforts through obedience to His Word enabled by the Holy Spirit!


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