The Gathering Storm: The Eclipse of Religious Liberty and the Threat of a New Dark Age  at

I found this article a touch disturbing.  Not my purpose to discourage or cause fear just to warn and inform.  It’s vital that we pray for our nation and its’ leaders, I Tim. 2:1-3.

We will all be challenged in the coming years to stand for truth, we must be ready and resolute.  No one wants to sign up for persecution, but the Lord’s church has been persecuted since its founding, it’s foolish to think it won’t or can’t happen here. There are believers all over our world, giving their lives for the cause of the Gospel and the Glory of their Lord.

We have enjoyed wonderful liberty in our country for which we have taken for granted.  It is time that this attitude stops!   Never forget, that our God is the Almighty, and He is sovereign in the issues (well in all issues) of our world’s governments, Isa. 40:10-31, we need to practice verse 31 as a way of Life.

In a very real sense you and I are privileged to live in our country and to be alive for the cause and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.  “For such a time as this” Esther 4:14, God’s Church needs to stand and glorify Him regardless of the cost and beloved we need to be courageous and totally dependent upon the Holy Spirit’s power to do so.   So here is the challenge – if  you and I have not been walking in the Spirit as God commands, Gal. 5:16-26, IT IS TIME!   Start now don’t put it off, live submitted to the Holy Spirits power, as He guides you through God’s word.

He will illuminate our minds and give us boldness, love, humility and grace. Remember there is no holiness in our lives apart from our submission to Him.

Beloved, it is so time to live the “normal” Christian life which is to read and do God’s Word through the power of a submitted heart to the Lord of our Salvation, Jesus Christ.   How odd that we live in a church age where such living seems to be abnormal!

May God use us today, tomorrow and always for His Glory alone!

In Him and For Him

Pastor Randy




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