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The Gathering Storm

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The Gathering Storm: The Eclipse of Religious Liberty and the Threat of a New Dark Age  at I found this article a touch disturbing.  Not my purpose to discourage or cause fear just to warn and inform.  It’s vital that we pray for our nation and its’ leaders, I Tim. 2:1-3. We will all […]

Update from The Goods – 4/17/2013

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here in Cambodia, the new year begins in mid-April. This year is the year 2557 BE(Buddhist Era) for Cambodians, the Year of the Snake. It’s the hottest time of the year, so water games & talcum powder are a welcome relief for many. At the BMTC, we had lots of fun on […]

Our Common Commitment

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For those of you wanting to know more about our fellowship of churches, I would encourage you to start with checking out the Common Commitment that we have adopted.

Cambodia Prayer Bulletin

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Here is an update from some of the missionaries we support… April 3, 2013 / Nº160 / Kent & Becky Good GOD IS ANSWERING PRAYER. While that shouldn’t surprise anyone reading this email, this answer is truly amazing. Some long-time friends of this ministry (who prefer to remain anonymous) have put up $10,000 as a […]