Sermons by Pastor Joe Sowers

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From Heartbreak to Peace


Introduction – When joy is swallowed by sorrow. The Lord Jesus ____________ our heartache. Matt 2:16-18; 9:35-36; Luke 7:11-13; Acts 9:36-39 The journey from heartbreak to honoring God. We _______ to the Lord in prayer even when we have no words. Rom 8:18-28 The Lord ___ the brokenhearted and provides healing Psalm 34:18; Psalms 147 […]

The Essential Element of Spiritual Mortar


Matthew 7:7-12 Can I set aside my preconceived ideas to see what Jesus intended? How do I view Matthew 5:3 – 7:27? – not a single discourse but a summary of doctrine collected out of many sermons therefore each “section” can be isolated from the others – a single discourse but not necessarily a transcript […]