Sunday Mornings

9:30am –

Adult Bible Study
Something Else Youth Bible Study
Grace Kids

We believe that the teaching of the Word of God is of utmost importance to the church. On Sunday mornings we have a time for Adults, Youth, and Children to interact with the Scriptures and each other. Come grab some coffee and have some fun talking with one another while diving into the Good Book!

10:45am –

Worship Service
Junior Church

Worship is a way of life, and although we believe worship is not just a service; where there is worship there will be music and most importantly, the preaching of God’s Word. We invite you to come sing praises to our God, soak in His Word, and fellowship with one another. We also provide junior church for children through 6th grade, as well as nursery.

Wednesday Nights

7:00pm –

Wednesday Service
Something Else Youth Ministry
Grace Kids

On Wednesdays we have a very casual evening of studying God’s Word, fellowshipping, and praying together. Our Youth Group meets, Grace Kids meet, and we have a Nursery. Wednesday night really is a great night for the whole family to be refreshed during the week.